Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Congratulations May 19, 2019 J-M Institute Graduates!

Congratulations to 17 J-M Institute Graduates on May 19, 2019:

Left to right:  back row:  Lyric Graves, Chase Miller, Courteze Binion; Yashika Renicks-Capler, Marcus Bender, Jr., Devin Lomprez, Tyronda Cotton (hidden behind Devin Lomprez); Kapria Elem, Shelby Havrilka (Star Student).  front row:  Dr. Michael Ogwal, LaDonna Dixon, Imani Appleberry, Somiko Granderson (Star Student), Urishala Gayton (behind Somiko); Starla Sanders, Victoria Ngalulo Tshianda, Britquina Johnson (hidden behind a photo-taker), Dr. Jennifer Williams. 
Not shown:  Bridgette Wright
Shelby Havrilka - Star Student
Appleberry, Imani; Bender, Jr., Marcus; Binion, Corteze; Cotton, Tyronda; Dixon, LaDonna; Elem, Kapria; Gayton, Urishala; Granderson, Somiko;  Graves, Lyric; Havrilka, Shelby; Johnson, Britquina; Lomprez, Devin; Miller, Chase;  Renicks-Capler, Yashika; Sanders, Starla; Tshianda,   Ngalulo; Wright, Bridgette

Somiko Granderson - Star Student,
\ Dr. Michael Ogwal, Dr, Jennifer Williams
Somiko Granderson - Star Student
Dr Michael Ogwal; Courteze Binion

Dr Michael Ogwal;
Victoria Ngalulo Tshianda
Victoria Ngalulo Tshianda
Lyric Graves; Chase Miller;
Dr. Michael Ogwal; Dr. Jennifer Williams


Imani Appleberry

Courteze Binion
Tyronda Cotton
Devin Lomprez
LaDonna Dixon

Urishala Gayton

Kapria Elem

Starla Sanders

Lyric Graves

Victoria Ngalulo Tshianda

Chase Miller
Yashika Renicks-Capler

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