Saturday, May 28, 2022

Congratulations May 15, 2022 J-M Institute of Natural Health and Technology Graduates!


Congratulations to 11 Springfield, Illinois and Online May 15, 2022 Graduates! 

Receiving the High School Diploma are:  Cooper, Jane E; Jackson, Romerakis; Kincaid, Tariea; Kisefu, Seraphin; Muimbi, Palpa; Pitts, Bryant; Robinson, Mary; Ross, Jackie; Taylor, Brianna; Williams, Shanet

Previous high school graduate participating in the May 15, 2022 ceremony is:  Dela Attor

                                           Dela Attor
                                          Mary Robinson
                                           Palpa Muimbi
                                           Seraphin Kisefu
                                           Shanet Williams
                                           Jackie Ross
                                            Bryant Pitts
                                           Jane E. Cooper