Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Congratulations November 30, 2014 Springfield-Beardstown Graduates!

Congratulations to fifty graduates on November 30, 2014 from Springfield and Beardstown, Illinois!
Alderman Gail Simpson - Keynote Speaker
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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Congratulations June 22, 2014 Graduates!

 Congratulations to twenty-seven graduates on June 22, 2014 from Beardstown, Illinois:
Ms. Susan Ogwal - Keynote Speaker
Mr. Francois Akambo Mpetshi, Mr. Jules Bayelanga Nzuzi, Mr. Giscard Lokofe Bohulu,  Mr. Khadim Dieng, Ms. Nene Dieng, Mr. Abel Stanislas Hountondji, Mr. Alois Ilunga, Mr. Kabamba Christian, Mr. Constantin Mubadibantu Kalonda, Ms. Akofa Dogo Kassan, Mr. Willy Koman Koman, Mr. Comlan Daniel Kougbahoue, Ms. Kpadonou Abla, Mr. Ganiou Adeniyi Lawani, Ms. Mamisa Lokino, Ms. Claudia Mabende, Mr. Jonathan Makusa, Mr. Mamadou Mamadou Guysse, Mr. Jacques Muzandu-Mampuya, Mr.Nonnat-DiVaress, Mr. Simon Kayembe Mbinga, Ms. Gisele Ndiang Asuza, Ms. Souzy Nsunda-Ndudi, Ms. Mame Diarra Ngom, Mr. Dona Nshimba Ngoyi, Mr. Toussaint B. Olenge Nkeheme, Mr. Cedric Sina, Mr. Francis-Tuzola Mavinga
Front Row Graduates (from left) Mr. Dona Nshimba, Mr. Willy Koman, Mr. Francois Mpetshi, Mr. Abel Hountondji, and Mr. Jacques Mampuya

Beardstown, Illinois graduates participated in fifteen weekly sessions of high school and English for All training, receiving the high school diploma and English for All certificate. 

Ms. Mame Ngom (standing, left)
taking a class break.  She interviewed "...I learned the English language, Science and Math...I like my teachers because you learn good English and Math..my plans are to learn more, get a good job, and have more money."

                                                      Exit interview from Mr. Giscard Boholu

Exit interview from Ms. Nene Dieng

Mr. Alois Ilunga

Mr. Jules Bayelanga

Mr. Christian Kabamba

Mr. Constantin Kalonda

Mr. Khadim Dieng
Mr. Willy Koman
Mr. Comlan Kougbahoue
Ms. Abla Kpadonois
Mr. Ganiou Lawani

Ms. Mamisa Lokino
Ms. Claudia Mabende
Mr. Jonathan Makusa
Mr. Mamadou Guysse
Mr. Jacques Mampuya
Mr. Saint --Nonnat DiVaress
Mr. Simon Mbinga
Ms. Gisele Asusa
Ms. Souzy Ndudi
Ms. Nene Dieng
Ms. Mame Ngom
Mr. Dona Ngoyi Nshimba
Mr. Toussaint Nkeheme

Mr. Francis Tuzola
Mr. Cedric Sina

Ms. Akofa Kassan

Congratulations May 23, 2014 Graduates!

Graduate Ms. Ebony Grice receiving her high school diploma.
Congratulations May 23rd, 2014 graduates Ms. Samantha Brown, Mr. Tobby Brunk, Ms. Sade Burnes, Mr. Darron Commer, Ms. Teela Dickerson, Ms. Ebony Grice, Mr. Lamond Grice, Mr. Alex Millican, and Ms. Aisha Rocquemore!  Students attended class each week at the Lincoln Library and in the Faith Ministries International Education Hall.  Graduation ceremonies were held at FMI on May 23rd, 2014 on May 23rd, 2014.


Ms. Samantha Brown (on the left) interviewed " …I learned that school is important. I highly encourage people to stay in school to get it right the first time…my plans for 2014 are to get back in school. I want to use my high school diploma to study Child Development. I want to be a kindergarten teacher. I also want to attend a university to get my degree, so that I can start a better future for myself and my two babies…"

Ms. Sade Burnes interviewed"…I learned about staying focused and not giving up…to really make a change for the better…my plans for next year are to continue on to Cosmetology School. It will help me not get let down because I did not have my transcripts or diploma to show."

Mr. Alex Millican (red hat) interviewed "...I learned that no matter what you go through in life, if you just keep working at it, anything can happen...what I like about the school is they help you no matter what grade you dropped out of or how long you have been out of school...I like that the school is fast-paced...next year I plan on going to college and learning a trade."

Mr. Daronn Commer (blue hat) interviewed "...school can be fun and I can do it...the teachers helped us so much...I plan on owning me a house and setting up to open my own place...I can go to college now for what I want and that is working on cars."

Mr. Tobby Brunk (standing, left) interviewed "…I have learned to be more focused and to complete my studies for the diploma. …my plans for next year are to be in college. Receiving my high school diploma will immensely help me with my plans to get into college.…

Mr. Lamond Grice (standing, right) interviewed "...I learned more algebra in the sessions...Mr. Michael and Ms. Jennifer are always refreshing your memory...my plans for next year are to enroll in college for a good career in technology.

Ms Teela Dickerson (on the left) interviewed "...I learned from attending the sessions...the meanings and spellings of words...really the understanding of everything we did as an actual class...my plans for 2014-15 are to get enrolled in some CNA or LPN classes and also start putting in applications for employment..."

Ms. Aisha Rocquemore (center) interviewed "...there are people out here that care about you and your future.  My classes at The J-M Institute were what I needed to take my first step...my plans for 2014-15 are to attend an online university...I feel like no one can stop me from reaching my goals...I would love to show my children that no matter what the world throws at you, that you can always make it.


Saturday, July 12, 2014

Congratulations December 20, 2013 Graduates!

From left to right standing are  J-M Institute Home High School graduates:  Ms. Linda Smith, Ms. Kaitlynn Roberts, Ms. Quinishia Commer, Ms. Khadijah Trotter, Ms. Dominique Thomas, Ms. Emily Landry; seated from left are Ms. Jessica Martin and Ms. Pauline Martin.  Missing from this photo are graduates,  Mr. Kevin Frazier and Mr. D'Amonte Ford.  Graduates were enrolled in the J-M Institute Home High School program from January until December, 2013.  Class meetings were held at the Lincoln Library in Springfield, Illinois, meeting with students four - ten hours each week.  Students were required to secure a Lincoln Library card, using the reference and newspaper sections to increase vocabulary and understanding of civic and government laws and current issues. 

Mr. Kevin Frazier
Students provided end-of-study interviews, as excerpted

Kevin Frazier interviewed "…I have actually learned a lot for starters. I learned about the insides of a human body and what’s good and bad for it. I like how the teachers take their time and teach the lessons one by onemy plans for 2014 are to go to Lincoln Christian University or McMurray College

Ms. Emily Landry
Emily Landry interviewed" I have learned so much that no matter how old you are, you can still learn new things. If you have the self confidence to achieve and believe you can do almost anythingmy plans for 2014 are to take LPN classes wherever they offer it. With me getting my diploma, it will definitely open some new doors for me…

Ms Khadijah Trotter - the graduate

Ms. Khadijah Trotter - before
Khadijah Trotter interviewed…I have learned things here that I could not get in high school. I have become very confident about myself since being in this program…I like that you and Mr. Mike had time for us when we needed help…my plans for 2014 are to find a great college so I can study becoming a first grade teacher… 

Dr. Jennifer, Ms. Jessica Martin, Dr. Michael
Jessica Martin interviewed
…I have wonderful teachers that are helping me with my high schooling and to get me to a better place in life... my plans for 2014 are to go to college because I can be a better person in life. I can get all types of degrees in my house so that I can show my grandmother that I can do things on my own…
Ms. Pauline Martin

Pauline Martin interviewed…I have learned a lot since I have been with J-M Imy plans for 2014 are to become a teacher’s assistant, to go to college in Springfield…

Ms. Quinisha Commer

Quinisha Commer interviewed…I have learned that anything is possible. 
We can achieve anything we want to achieve. 
It is up to us.
I liked that Dr. Michael and Dr. Jennifer worked with us and made us feel comfortable

My plans for 2014 are to have my diploma
and find a college, so I can start nursing school…