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Congratulations December 20, 2013 Graduates!

From left to right standing are  J-M Institute Home High School graduates:  Ms. Linda Smith, Ms. Kaitlynn Roberts, Ms. Quinishia Commer, Ms. Khadijah Trotter, Ms. Dominique Thomas, Ms. Emily Landry; seated from left are Ms. Jessica Martin and Ms. Pauline Martin.  Missing from this photo are graduates,  Mr. Kevin Frazier and Mr. D'Amonte Ford.  Graduates were enrolled in the J-M Institute Home High School program from January until December, 2013.  Class meetings were held at the Lincoln Library in Springfield, Illinois, meeting with students four - ten hours each week.  Students were required to secure a Lincoln Library card, using the reference and newspaper sections to increase vocabulary and understanding of civic and government laws and current issues. 

Mr. Kevin Frazier
Students provided end-of-study interviews, as excerpted

Kevin Frazier interviewed "…I have actually learned a lot for starters. I learned about the insides of a human body and what’s good and bad for it. I like how the teachers take their time and teach the lessons one by onemy plans for 2014 are to go to Lincoln Christian University or McMurray College

Ms. Emily Landry
Emily Landry interviewed" I have learned so much that no matter how old you are, you can still learn new things. If you have the self confidence to achieve and believe you can do almost anythingmy plans for 2014 are to take LPN classes wherever they offer it. With me getting my diploma, it will definitely open some new doors for me…

Ms Khadijah Trotter - the graduate

Ms. Khadijah Trotter - before
Khadijah Trotter interviewed…I have learned things here that I could not get in high school. I have become very confident about myself since being in this program…I like that you and Mr. Mike had time for us when we needed help…my plans for 2014 are to find a great college so I can study becoming a first grade teacher… 

Dr. Jennifer, Ms. Jessica Martin, Dr. Michael
Jessica Martin interviewed
…I have wonderful teachers that are helping me with my high schooling and to get me to a better place in life... my plans for 2014 are to go to college because I can be a better person in life. I can get all types of degrees in my house so that I can show my grandmother that I can do things on my own…
Ms. Pauline Martin

Pauline Martin interviewed…I have learned a lot since I have been with J-M Imy plans for 2014 are to become a teacher’s assistant, to go to college in Springfield…

Ms. Quinisha Commer

Quinisha Commer interviewed…I have learned that anything is possible. 
We can achieve anything we want to achieve. 
It is up to us.
I liked that Dr. Michael and Dr. Jennifer worked with us and made us feel comfortable

My plans for 2014 are to have my diploma
and find a college, so I can start nursing school…

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